Aeolus Warranty

We strive to deliver you with products that will get the job done, and done with the highest standard of quality.

Aeolus radial truck tires are backed with a warranty that provides free replacement for defects in materials and workmanship during the first 50% of the tire’s original tread life and coverage through two retreads.

Warranty claims in the U.S. can be quickly and easily filed through the Warranty Wizard from Alliance Tire Group (ATG) with just a few minutes on a smartphone or tablet.

For details on the Aeolus radial truck tire warranty, click here.

ATG Warranty Wizard

Warranty claims handled at the touch of a button!

Aeolus radial truck tires are built for quality and backed by a 50% free-replacement, 2-retread warranty. But as with any product, sometimes dealers and truckers need to file a warranty claim. Warranty Wizard app from the Alliance Tire Group (ATG)—the sole U.S. distributors of Aeolus truck tires—makes warranty claims fast and easy.

Warranty Wizard is available for iOS and Android devices. With a few customer details and a couple of snapshots from your phone or tablet, your claim is filed and you and your customer can get back to work.