About Us

We strive to deliver you with products that will get the job done, and done with the highest standard of quality.

In Greek mythology, Aeolus was the ruler of the winds. In today’s trucking industry, Aeolus radial tires are the wind beneath your wheels, delivering power to the road, providing safe steering and carrying loads from logs to quarried rock to reefer boxes.

Founded in 1965, Aeolus is one of the top 20 tire manufacturers in the world. Owned by ChemChina, Aeolus exports to more than 140 countries. Aeolus continues to set a high bar for innovation and manufacturing quality.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process brings a world of technology to every Aeolus tire.

1 Innovation begins with the hundreds of highly trained engineers and R&D specialists at Aeolus’ Research Center. There, new tread designs, compounds and construction techniques are developed and tested.

Aeolus’ R&D team is dedicated to creating tires that are purpose-built for the challenges facing truckers—whether they’re operating in mines or forests, on gravel or pavement.

2 Thousands of employees at the 14-million-square-foot Aeolus factory are committed to ensuring the excellent quality and cost-competitiveness that make Aeolus radial truck tires a force in the U.S. trucking industry and around the world.

The plant’s expertise extends beyond the manufacturing floor. Experts in raw material sourcing, logistics and finance also contribute to the outstanding value delivered by every Aeolus radial truck tire.

3 Every Aeolus tire is backed by the company’s deep commitment to quality control. A staff of QC specialists checks the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the finished tires to guarantee quality and value.

Third-party audits from top certification agencies keep Aeolus’ quality control program world-class.